Matt's Painting Procreate brush set version 1.1

Mateusz Urbanowicz
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version 1.1

Update version for Procreate 4.1+

This updated version contains a .brushset file with all the old presets plus one NEW brush.

This set was made by me while experimenting with anime background style painting in Procreate on iPad Pro. It is meant to emulate the traditional way such backgrounds are painted - poster color paints and not-so-sharp brush strokes.

These brushes work the best on bigger canvas size files (such as 3000x4000px) and were made from the original Procreate brushes modified and brought together by me.

To see how they work in action see these live streams:

Feel free to use it however you want, but when sharing attach the original info file and preferably link to this original download.

Thank you and have fun!


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Matt's Painting Procreate brush set version 1.1

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